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Beijing tourism industry implementation of the 'Tourism Law' to take 23 specific measures

Date: 2013-07-25

China Network July 25 hearing July 25, 2013 morning, the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee organized the Beijing Tourism Industry publicize and implement the "Travel Law" work will be.NPC Financial and Economic Committee Act chamber Qidong Xiang, deputy inspector, Municipal Tourism Commission director Lu Yong, Li Yanping discipline inspection team leader; Yu Debin, deputy director Zhao toward members, municipal party and government discipline wind Jin, deputy director of supervision and room climate meeting, district (county) Tourism Committee responsible person related travel, star hotels, tourist attractions and other tourism enterprises, experts, the media, etc. more than 1,000 people attended the meeting.

The main task is to thoroughly implement the party's 18 spirit of the meeting, in an effort to create a study and implement the city's tourism industry, "Tourism Law" good atmosphere, tourism enterprises and employees to improve compliance awareness, effective protection of tourists and tour operatorslegitimate rights and interests, to further standardize the conduct of operations, improve the management level, the capital of the tourism industry to promote sustained and healthy development.

Conferencing systems, comprehensive, detailed interpretation of the "Tourism Law", both simple and easy to understand, and concise, focused.Once again, participants study and understand the depth of the "Tourism Law" and said we should Publicizing the "Travel Act" and the actual work closely together, so that on the "Travel Law" study, comprehend thoroughly, put in place.

The meeting of the Commission for the implementation of the Beijing Tourism Good "Travel Law" around the "four areas" (travel agents and "day trip" rectification, star hotel service quality upgrading, A-class tourist attractions to enhance the quality of service, to carry out tourismIndustry MORALS political style council activities), and further to take 23 specific measures, including: establishment of a "tour" of law enforcement checkpoints; launch day trips electronic text contract system; improve Beijing tourism law enforcement agencies.

Conference clearly stated success of the "Tourism Law" Publicizing the work, to achieve the "five to" solve "five" problem."Five must": that must attach great importance Publicizing the work; must learn to carry out training activities; must intensify propaganda; must take the initiative to carry out law enforcement inspection tour the entire industry; must accelerate the formulation of the "Tourism Law" supporting the relevant documents."Five" questions: First, improving the co-ordination of tourism management mechanism; two is to build a scientific and complete travel planning system; third is to explore both protection and utilization of tourism resources in the development of new models; Fourth, deepen mutually beneficial regionaltourism cooperation mechanism; Fifth, the establishment of protected rights and interests of tourists and tour operators of normative systems.

Beijing Tourism Development Committee

On the implementation of "Travel Law" regulate the tourism market order work initiatives

July 25, 2013

A travel agency and "day trip" rectification work

April 2013, the Municipal Tourism Commission published a specification Beijing "day trip" market order eleven measures:

First, vigorously promote Beijing "tour" no designated shopping;

Second, straighten travel bureaus and other service outlets affiliated contracting irregularities;

Three is strictly prohibited in the streets distributing small tourism travel agency advertising;

Fourth, the full implementation of "domestic tourism" day trip "Contract (model version)";

Five travel agency is to carry out grading work;

Six is to crack down on false travel information network;

Seven is to explore the introduction of "tour" of public service products;

Eight is the timely publication of "day trip" market guide price;

Nine is the "day trip" special rectification of key areas;

Ten is greater efforts to implement the travel insurance work;

Eleven is to strengthen local management, quantitative evaluation work started.

On this basis, for the "7.3" incident, experiences and lessons learned, Municipal Tourism Commission will continue to have illegal "day trip" keep the pressure up, and then launched six new initiatives:

(A) establishment of a "day trip" Law enforcement checkpoints.In Beijing "day trip" key scenic spots (points), Municipal Tourism Commission will jointly territorial government set up a "tour" of law enforcement checkpoints by the public security, industry and commerce, tourism, transportation, urban management departments of the Joint Inspection Unit on the "dayTour "bus-by-vehicle inspection, focusing on inspection tour guides name, card number, card guides affiliated units; coaches grades, company affiliation, driver's name, contact information; Agency Name," tour "itinerary seal Offeredthe number of visitors and so on.

(Two) launch day trips electronic text contract system.Municipal Tourism Commission is currently working with the City Transportation Commission Transportation Authority research and development contract travel day trips electronic text system that will effectively regulate the use of information technology means a day trip market.In the future, all conduct business travel agencies and tour bus company must visit the docking system to achieve business and travel through the system generates an electronic single-and two-dimensional code, tour guide and driver to carry out operations, the need to carry electronic itineraryand two-dimensional code for future reference, law enforcement officers dimensional code scanning via handheld terminal that is able to check all relevant information.The system will be extended to the city's future, all travel agencies.

(Three) perfect Beijing tourism law enforcement agencies.Municipal Tourism Commission will follow the "simplification, uniformity and efficiency" principle, accelerate the improvement of the Beijing Tourism enforcement system of administrative licensing, regulation, enforcement, quality supervision and other functions integrated in one.County law enforcement agencies set up tourism, major scenic tourist enforcement station was established to improve the level of handling complaints quickly, in order to further strengthen the city's tourism law enforcement capacity.

(Four) to enhance joint law enforcement, keep illegal "day trip" high state crackdown.Make full use of City Tourism Commission and the municipal public security, industry and commerce, transportation, urban management and other departments to crack down on the illegal establishment of "tour" communications platform, regular consultation with complaints, joint law enforcement, the transfer of cases, regular briefings on the tourism market order anddynamics of the informal tourism enterprises involved in illegal "day trip" behavior, fraudulent use other tourism enterprises in the name of illegal "day trip", and the use of false propaganda of bogus websites act resolutely combat and governance.Accordance with the "unified leadership of the government, department supervision according to law, possessions fully responsible for the overall coordination of joint" mode, the Municipal Tourism Commission will continue to work with the relevant functional departments of the regular tourist vehicles are illegal "day trip" to provide passenger services, the illegal "dayTour "small ads" day trip "fake stop sign, street illegal Showmanship, telling visitors inducing illegal religious places to burn incense, and the" Black Guide ", tourist shops, pharmacies, medical advice sites, social hostels bully off cheating and other issuescomprehensive management, and strengthen normal supervision.

(Five) straighten out the network of false travel information.Municipal Tourism Commission will work together with the City Network Information Office, a comprehensive clean-up using the Internet to publish false Beijing "tour" message, fake travel agencies engaged in informal activities touting the behavior and individual electricity providers use online shopping platform in Beijing "day trip" buybehavior.

(Six) specification Tsinghua University, Peking summer campus tour.Famous for Summer Beijing Campus Tour order over chaos problems, the city has been in conjunction with the Haidian District Tourism Commission Tourism Committee, Tsinghua University Beijing University and its affiliated district offices and other relevant units, held a summer campus tour thematic work will take measures to actively respond to marketDistrict Tourism Commission will focus on two supervision, guidance, and coordination to ensure order and safety of tourists and tour the campus.

Second, the quality of service to enhance the work-star hotel

(A) to carry out the quality of hotel star rating review work.Evaluation criteria in accordance with the provisions star hotel, plans to not less than 20% of the total star hotel hotel review for quality grade, resolutely not up to standard treatment demotion or stardom by star review work to further enhance Beijingstar hotel software and hardware overall level.

(Two) to carry out special services to enhance the work.The hotel industry for different service areas such as reception, telephone wiring, doorman concierge, room service, catering to carry out special improve work quality.

(Three) to carry out the work industry training training.Combined 2013, 2014 the city will be to undertake all kinds of major event service support tasks, such as auditing World Congress, World grapes Congress, World Seed Conference, to carry out targeted training job training and quality of service.As for the 2014 World Congress of grapes service support tasks, organization of professional hotel management group with hotel reception Yanqing 6 round butt, send a professional team to guide the work in-store, to carry out job training and contest activities hotel, hotel services to enhance the receptionlevel.

Three, A-class tourist attractions to enhance the quality of service work

(A) to carry out A-level scenic quality level review of the work.From August 2013 began to be organized in the city 100 Group A-level scenic spots in quality grade for review.In addition to scenic quality level specified in the standard for review outside the project will focus on examination area, "nine" project implementation and scenic toilet hygiene, especially Municipal Tourism Commission financial support through industrial transformation toilet area maintenance and management.Not up to standard for the review to be downgraded or delisted firm handling.

(Two) A-class tourist attractions tourist satisfaction survey.Municipal Tourism Commission in the summer of 2013 and during the National Day of the city's 16 districts and counties of 50 A-level scenic spot for tourists satisfaction surveys.Only surveyed tourists to scenic tourist perspective comprehensively reflect the management and service levels.

Fourth, the development of tourism industry MORALS political style council activities

According to the Beijing State Council Office on the "2013 Beijing to carry out democratic appraisal grassroots (service windows) work plan" and the "2013 Beijing" political popularity of wind hotline "implementation of the program," the notice, the city's tourism industry isas the focus of this year's democratic appraisal industry will be through online questionnaires, telephone surveys, organizing democratic councilor thorough investigation of the whole industry a variety of ways such as democratic evaluation, appraisal and comprehensive appraisal results after the end of the assessment to the authorities, industry feedbackMeanwhile, the State Council Office for Rectifying and municipal reports, and announced to the public within a certain range.Municipal Tourism Commission has issued the "Beijing Tourism Development Committee 2013 annual grassroots democratic appraisal work program and service window" Please units attached great importance to seriously study, the full deployment of this work, to strengthen and enhance the rectification of self-correctionat the same time actively cooperate with the relevant inspection and appraisal work.(Reporter: Li Fengsen)